Why use a folded leaflet over a standard leaflet?

Why use a folded leaflet over a standard leaflet

Folded Leaflets are a great way to pack a lot of information into a compact amount of space. This makes them ideal for handing out to passers by and for delivering through peoples mailbox. Some of the most common uses for folded leaflets are newsletters, menus, wedding invites, discount vouchers, questionnaires, data sheets... The list is endless!

Why not use this extra space for a nice design, a nice design is a great way to grab someones attention, this is the first thing that someone is presented with and could make the difference between the viewer of the leaflet actually reading further or simply discarding, simply put, it will drastically affect your retention rate.

What are the differences in folds?

There are many different folds that are available in a folded leaflet, you may want to think about which would be most suited or appropriate for your cause.

As well as there being different folds to choose from there are also different sizes, this is also something you need to therefore take into consideration, you could ask your printer or designer which they recommend. It may be necessary to consider how you will be distributing your folded leaflets to people, will it be through the post, hand delivered, given out to passers by, or simply there on offer for people to pick up if they want to.