Some questions that come up every now and again from customers that are new to buying print online is "How do I supply print ready artwork." "How do I make my pdf right for printing." "what format do I have to provide my design in" "Why does my design have to have a white border on it when printing" Well calm down you beautiful members of the British public because File Click Print is here to explain all, in plain English that Joe public can understand. Sometimes you may ask your local printing company "how do I send my artwork so that it can be printed" and you might get back a response that if you are not a graphic designer you might not fully understand what is required if you are designing your own artwork for your print ready file.


Most UK printing companies will ask you for 3mm of bleed on your leaflet poster or business card design, this is the area that will be chopped off by the guillotine after the artwork has already gone through the printing process, the reason you are asked to add this extra 3mm of bleed area is so that when the stacks of printed sheets are ready to be chopped down by the guillotine if any of the sheets being cut are out by a mm or 2 you will not have a random white area that has not been printed running down the side on the final finished leaflet, poster, business card, etc that you have ordered...... so in short the reason you are asked for the bleed area is because it is better to be safe than to be sorry! it just covers all bases so that you will be happy with the finished printed leaflet, flyer, poster, business card etc whatever the product is that you have ordered. it can all sound a bit daunting if you have not come across it before but our guide to setting up your documents for print will help you on your way. and after that ordering print is as easy as...File Click Print!


When a design has been submitted for printing and does not include the extra bleed area required you may have been told that you will have to have a white border around the edges of your leaflets, posters, business cards, this is because when you have designed the artwork yourself you will have set the size of the artwork board to the finished size of the product for example with an A5 leaflet finished size 148mm x 210mm and not added the extra 3mm to the artboard on all sides. In most cases the person checking your artwork before it goes in to print production will have tried to stretch the artwork for you to the correct size including the bleed area but in doing this some of the text or imagery that was on the design might be lost when stretched to the correct size, this is when you would be told that the artwork that has been provided will have to have a white border on the finished product. so our tip would be to not place any text or anything important to the visual of the finished product too near the edge for best results enlarge the background layer off the artboard on your design program. Printers Leeds Printers in Leeds